Healthcare Management Forum – Call for abstracts on models of care

January 22, 2024

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Healthcare Management Forum is planning a special edition on models of care for May 2025. It will feature innovative and creative approaches to overcoming health system challenges.

Authors are invited to submit a 200-word abstract to by March 27, 2024. Abstracts should include a short overview of the proposed manuscript, the intended audience, and key messages for readers. Full articles will be due for peer review by September 1, 2024.

The editorial staff encourage submissions that align with, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • implementation of innovative models of care;
  • enhancing access to healthcare services;
  • maximizing the skills and expertise of healthcare workers;
  • novel approaches to address health workforce challenges;
  • fostering physically safe work environments;
  • enhancing sustainable staffing;
  • building flexible work structures;
  • providing equitable and appropriate compensation;
  • promoting supportive and inclusive workplaces;
  • ethical considerations in healthcare innovation;
  • balancing patient needs, staff requirements, and organizational goals;
  • innovative use of technology in healthcare; and
  • managing infinite healthcare needs with finite resources in a publicly funded system.

While we encourage submissions related to the aforementioned themes, we also would welcome abstracts on leadership capabilities that promote innovation and creativity in your teams. Please feel free to submit an abstract. All potential authors will be contacted through e-mail by the Managing Editor.

Thank you for your dedication to advancing healthcare knowledge and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on innovative healthcare solutions. We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions.

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