Hospital News article by Jaason Geerts: “Critical care: health care HR crisis”

August 26, 2021

In the September 2021 edition of Hospital News. “Critical care: Health care HR crisis” Jaason Geerts, PhD, Director of Research and Leadership Development at the Canadian College of Health Leaders, reflects on healthcare CEO’s top priorities for the coming year.

With staff vacancy, burnout, and psychological distress and trauma rates in high-alert territory, along with planned and delayed retirements, a key question is, how do we best support our staff and serve our patient populations, families, and communities?

There are so many opportunities to make our healthcare system more equitable and optimal, but not one improvement is possible if we do not address the HR crisis and our people first.

To prepare this article, two sources were consulted. The first is a publication in JAMA Network Open featuring 32 expert co-authors from 17 different countries that presents an evidence- and expertise-based framework for leadership in the Recovery Stage of a crisis. The second was a rapid research study conducted with healthcare CEOs across Canada regarding the Certified Health Executive (CHE) commencement address in June of this year.

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