Important news for CCHL members: New Association Membership Platform

September 14, 2022

CCHL is implementing a new association management platform to improve our members’ experience. This new system and digital transformation will require some changes and adjustments to our usual processes. We would like to thank all members in advance for their cooperation. Ultimately, this modernization was required for the College to update to a membership platform that integrates with best-in-class systems and tools, and connects with external systems used by the College, our Professional and Leadership Development (PLD) team, and our members.

The College is implementing Wicket, the world’s first Member Data Platform, as the core membership database, and working with Industrial, a digital workshop that delivers industry-leading solutions, to develop an updated user-friendly website.

We will be in touch with members over the next weeks and months to provide the necessary updates and instructions. Here are some additional details on the upcoming changes:

  • New member login for the new system: Your current username will need to be updated to your email address, and you will be asked to update your password. An email with instructions will be sent to members closer to the launch of the new system. 
  • Automatic membership renewals: If you had entered your credit card information in the current system (in1touch), you will need to re-enter the information in the new system. For security reasons, we will not be able to transfer over credit card information across systems. We encourage all members to setup automatic renewals in our new system for ease of use and to prevent your membership from lapsing and losing access to your benefits.
  • Updated website: our new CCHL website will now integrate the PLD and LEADS content that was previously hosted on a separate website and will feature improved visuals and user-friendly navigation.
  • MOC Credits: We will be launching a new MOC (Maintenance of Certification) credit management system to simplify the recording and reporting of MOC credits for our members who hold the CHE and Fellowship designations.
  • Improved CHE applications module: A new web-based application system will be launched to manage our CHE program applications and allow candidates to track their progress.
  • Email communications: We will now be using a new, professional email management system called Constant Contact to improve the visual look and mobile friendliness of our emails and allow for self-management of email preferences.
  • Single-Sign-On: The integration of our systems, connected to one main membership platform, means that members will have seamless access to our services and tools, such as the CCHL Circle, the Healthcare Management Forum, etc, often without having to enter new login information.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Christian Coulombe, MBA
Vice-President, Marketing & Membership 
1-800-363-9056 (213)