Lindsay Brookes shares her inspirational healthcare journey fostering a passion for helping others

January 8, 2024

Lindsay Brookes wanted to create a positive impact by assisting others, starting from her elementary school years. Lindsay’s healthcare interests began with leading a weekly soccer program for young individuals with disabilities, a testament to their enduring dedication. She soon realized she could contribute to healthcare in meaningful ways while pursuing a business background. Her experiences range from participating in the Clinical & Systems Transformation project to volunteering in long-term care homes, fostering connections and compassion for patients. In her role at Island Health, she engaged in various responsibilities including Capital Planning and the rollout of the COVID vaccine. Each challenge Lindsay faced fueled her drive to achieve greater accomplishments as a health leader.

When asking Lindsay about her greatest accomplishment as a health leader, she said “I cannot pinpoint a greatest achievement yet as a health leader as I have so much more to learn. I feel it is in my future. I have enjoyed three very different roles at Island Health. The first in Capital Planning was involved with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. I am currently working in Long-Term Care & Assisted Living, which I enjoy. In high school, I volunteered in a long-term care home that was connected to the local hospital. I enjoyed getting to know the residents and becoming their friend.”

Lindsay found that engaging with her local chapter was an exceptional avenue to establish connections within the health sector and foster meaningful relationships. With a passion for contributing to healthcare, she discovered her potential during a co-op placement with the Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project in Vancouver, realizing the synergy between their business background and the healthcare field. One of Lindsay’s mentors emphasized the significance of active participation in the local Vancouver Island Chapter, enlightening her about the benefits of expanding her network and discovering new avenues for growth and opportunity. In her words, she stated “I found it to be a wonderful way to network and learn more about various roles that I would not have imagined existed. When I applied for a job at Island Health, I found it to be a seamless process from the connections that I made previously.”

Lindsay has been an active member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders since 2017 and has demonstrated a proactive and dedicated approach to involvement. She quickly took on the role of the Vice Chair and, notably, served as the Chair throughout the challenging pandemic period. She considers her time as the Chapter executive as one of the most cherished experiences in her career. She discussed how “being in the pandemic added an extra level of complexity so we had to pivot and find unique experiences to support our members. This is how our May’s Month of Wellness emerged. Events throughout May ranged from a virtual cooking class with London Chef, dance fitness with Partyfit, meditation, improv, etc. We have held this event for three years now.” In recognition of her dedication and engagement, Lindsay was selected by the Vancouver Island Chapter as the recipient of the 2023 Chapter Award for Distinguished Service.

As an active member of CCHL, Lindsay Brookes emphasizes the importance of aspiring health leaders cultivating an open-minded approach. In her words, “When looking for a job, apply for positions that you may not think you are qualified for or may not think you’d be interested in. It is tough to know if you are going to enjoy it without actually trying it. Be brave and be curious!”