New CCHL Member benefit coming this fall!

August 10, 2021

The CCHL Circle will be an online community where members can connect, learn, and develop.

We are thrilled to be building a ground-breaking online health leadership networking, community-building, knowledge sharing, and skill development platform. 

The platform, called the Circle, will allow health leaders to connect virtually with others in similar roles, within their own community, or anywhere in Canada. There will be moderated discussion forums on specific topics, with a national lens and within local communities, and leadership development services available on a tiered basis.

CCHL Members will have access to foundational leadership development services, while those with their CHE or Fellowship designations will have access to specialized advanced leadership development opportunities. Subscriptions will be available for those wanting to access the advanced leadership development opportunities who may not yet have their CHE or Fellowship. 

Group rates will be available for organizations wishing to provide access to this exciting, one-of-a-kind, health leadership development, and knowledge sharing platform to teams within an organization.