“Take care of yourself, your team and all others you serve in your work” says Cristina German, CHE

November 3, 2021

Cristina German, MHSc, MBA, CHE, is a leader in innovation and business transformation who is known for finding, fine-tuning, and executing ideas that benefit businesses and clients now and in the future. She uses strategic communication, design thinking, change management, and strategy to allow digital and data-driven solutions in a variety of industries. 
She empowers enterprises to provide new value through innovative ideas, tackling operational difficulties, and increasing client experience by leveraging her strength in engagement. Cristina works as a Principal Consultant at Wipro Ltd, a worldwide IT consulting firm. She is currently the Director of the Airport Information Management programme at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, where she supervises a large worldwide workforce. Cristina coaches rising leaders and provides advice to health and technology start-ups in her leisure time. She also enjoys spending time at her cottage in Atlantic Canada with her partner and children. 
Cristina has always been fascinated by how people make decisions and the data that underpins those judgments. “I started out at the micro level in wet lab research and moved to the macro level in population health. Then I took up the rewarding challenge of hospital decision support and moved into a role as a national leader in advanced analytics and data standards”. Cristina is now focusing on her main consulting work as the leader of a big global IT team in the field of airport information management. 
Choosing a career in healthcare seemed like an obvious fit for her since she grew up in hospital and long-term care settings visiting family members and naturally gravitated towards health and life sciences. “Health is a precious resource we all need to work together to support. Throughout the last 20 years I’ve had the privilege of growing and nurturing diverse ‘dream teams’ that come up with amazing solutions to really challenging problems. Take care of yourself, your team and all others you serve in your work” she says. 
Cristina has been a tremendous supporter of her local Chapter, stating that working with the Bluenose Chapter when she resided in the Maritimes allowed her to foster and assist emerging and established leaders in her community’s health systems. “The CCHL is a wonderfully supportive organization that enabled me to develop my leadership skills and deliver innovative solutions. For example, I found support among my CCHL peers to enable digital events to better support the very geographically diverse membership among the Maritimes; this value was realized tenfold during the pandemic as the College evolved to respond.” Cristina’s commitment to her profession shines through in every new chance and task she takes on, earning her the Bluenose Chapter’s Award for Distinguished Service in 2021.