Talya Wolff, CHE, explains the importance of pursuing opportunities

July 29, 2022

As an aspiring health enthusiast, Talya Wolff began volunteering at a local hospital during her teenage years which led to her pursuing a career in the healthcare sector. Despite suggestions early in her career to pivot to different sectors by her peers, she remained devoted to her path in healthcare. By reflecting on her career to date, Talya concluded that being closest to opportunities that allow her to improve patient care, is what she is most interested in, as a healthcare professional. 

Prior to starting a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, she weighed options in different areas of rehab and explored various allied health opportunities. As her goal was to support the quality of life of patients experiencing life-altering illnesses, she decided on a clinical career that enabled her to work with children and families to develop their ability to communicate. This led to her practicing clinically in a children’s rehabilitation hospital for 10 years before pursuing a Master of Health Administration from the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation. Talya was determined to do more for the patient in terms of program development and pivoted to health administration to seek better opportunities at the system level. She explains what drove her to make this transition by mentioning that she, “Recognized that I would want to have the most impact that I could on a patient and their experience”. For the past 10 years, Talya has been working primarily in health administration while still holding private practice in pediatrics rehabilitation. 

Talya has always resided in the Greater Toronto Area and upon completing her IHPME program, she was introduced to the CCHL, the CHE, and the respective process of becoming involved with her chapter. By striving to be a part of the Chapter Executive, she started as a general member, advanced to VP, and finally reached the Chair position. She reflects on her experience by stating, “It has been a great opportunity for me to be involved and it was important for me to learn about the offerings of the chapter and the offerings at the national level”. By working collaboratively with the College, Talya is appreciative of the opportunities provided for growth and developing a network to stay connected. She recommends to all new aspiring health leaders and members of the College to become involved with their local chapter and target the national stage to maximize opportunities. Whether someone is seeking mentorship support, networking opportunities, or education, a new member must explore the numerous services that the College provides. 

As Talya reflects on her experience as the past Chair, she feels honored that she had the opportunity. As her tenure was during the unusual time of the pandemic, she had to be innovative and creative to deliver education, programming, and develop professional relationships with partners on a virtual medium. This was also a medium that she and the Chapter Executive were not familiar with as it relates to the CCHL and its chapter events. During her tenure, she was also a founding member of the Ontario Health Leaders’ Summit which enabled her to be a part of strategic discussions in building this new development opportunity for leaders in the industry. Moving forward, Talya hopes to remain involved locally at the chapter level and to pursue a national Board position, if available. In recognition of her efforts and contributions to the Greater Toronto Area Chapter, Talya Wolff was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Chapter Award for Distinguished Service.