The Hospital News published an article by Jaason Geerts, titled Lessons learned from the pandemic: Hospital CEOs weigh in

November 29, 2021

The article Lessons learned from the pandemic – Time to act, written by Jaason Geerts, PhD, Director of Research and Leadership Development at the Canadian College of Health Leaders, was published in Hospital News. Over 100 CEOs and senior executives from Canadian hospitals, provincial and regional health authorities, and national health organisations were contacted for this piece.

“We want the pandemic and all its restrictions and latent repercussions to be over, however, the hope for a near and definite end appears misguided.  Accepting an endemic reality can be cumbersome and the temptation is to either postpone formal debriefs of key lessons until it’s all over (the Waiting it Out Syndrome), or to revert to the cog-nitive comfort of the way things were pre-COVID (the Back to Before Syn-drome), at the expense of everything we’ve learned and achieved through innovation since the pandemic began.”

This article is the fourth in a series on health leadership during the pandemic and is informed by more than a year and a half of national and international research projects by the College.

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