Update: Launching New Association Membership Platform

January 18, 2023

As previously announced, CCHL is implementing a new association management platform to improve our members’ experience. This new system and digital transformation will require some changes and adjustments to our usual processes. 

The next phase of this project involves the transfer of our member data to the new system. To facilitate this process, a transition period will be in effect for about 2 weeks in mid-February, where the offering of some member services may be adjusted or temporarily suspended. We are then targeting a mid- to late-February launch of the new platform. 

Please note the following: 

New Memberships and Renewals: There will be no interruptions. All new memberships, changes and renewals made during the transition period will be reflected in the new system via a second transfer. 

CHE Program: The current CHE application module will be taken offline at the start of the transition period. However, new CHE applications can be made using a PDF application form until the launch of our new platform. Current CHE candidates who want to record progress and updates can do so by sending these by email to CHE team. 

MOC credits: MOC Credits will continue to be tabulated by our current system. After the transition period, these will be added to the new system. 

E-Learning Webinar Library: The E-Learning Library will be unavailable as of January 23, 2023. Members will receive emails with links to their previous purchases. Keep these links in your own records, since these will not be visible in your account centre in the new platform. The E-Learning Library will be available again with the launch of the new platform.   

Events: Members and non-members will be able to continue to register for events during the transition period. 

LEADS Self assessments: The LEADS Online Self-Assessment tool will be unavailable during transition period; access will resume once the new platform has launched. The process of transferring existing assessment reports is still being developed. Further details will follow. 

Platform Launch: After the transition period, once we are ready to switch over to the new platform, members will receive an email with instructions to access the new system. Your primary email address will become your new username, and you will be asked to update your password. You will be asked to review and update your account centre information to make sure everything is accurate. 

Automatic membership renewals: If you had entered your credit card information in the current system (in1touch), you will need to re-enter the information in the new system, once it is available. For security reasons, we will not be able to transfer over credit card information across systems. We encourage all members to setup automatic renewals in our new system for ease of use and to prevent your membership from lapsing and losing access to your benefits. 

We would like to thank all members in advance for their cooperation. This modernization was required for the College to update to a membership platform that integrates with best-in-class systems and tools, and connects with external systems used by the College, our Professional and Leadership Development (PLD) team, and our members. We will continue be in touch with members over the next weeks to provide project updates.