Webinar Recap: What the pandemic revealed and how we reinvent

August 28, 2020

The CCHL GTA Chapter’s July 21st webinar “Exposed: What the pandemic revealed and how we reinvent” was a “Call to Action” for healthcare leaders. There has been an exponential rate of change in the past few months that previously would have taken years to implement. Four inspiring panelists, Zayna Khayat, Sean Molloy, Tai Huynh and patient representative Bruce Hunter, shared their observations, experiences and insights around our health system during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of patient, community health, acute care and social system policy levels in order to stimulate a national discussion. So many creative solutions were rapidly implemented to meet new demands.

With GTA Chapter moderator Sue Fryer-Keene, they began a dynamic dialogue about healthcare redesign as we emerge post pandemic. The audience participated in an innovative national “idea generation” exercise using a shared live document to reflect on what our post-pandemic health system could look like.

The ideas are bucketed into the following themes: Beliefs and Mindsets; Activities and Actions; Rules and Regulations; Processes and Others.

You can access the shared document and the ideas that were generated by the participants. Review and add to the list of what healthcare leaders might consider keeping, stop doing or start doing by using the following link:

The recording of the event and related materials are available on the CCHL website: