The LEADS Framework

The LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework represents the key skills, behaviours, abilities, and knowledge required to lead in all sectors and levels of the health system. It presents a common understanding of what good leadership looks, feels, and sounds like across all levels of service provision in healthcare.

The dimensions of the framework represent the collective wisdom of the current literature on health leadership and leadership development.
It describes the capabilities required by leaders dedicated to making meaningful health system change, integrating actions dedicated to patient, family, and community care, and building healthy workplaces. The framework is informed by, and extends, the work done in the creation of major, progressive leadership frameworks in the public and private health sectors around the world. A key foundation for the LEADS framework is caring. The ethos of caring is what sets it apart from other leadership frameworks and is the common thread that unites all health leaders. The LEADS capabilities bring high quality leadership and care to patients, families, and citizens; and to building caring teams. LEADS reflects the leadership required to make the health system serve society.

The LEADS Domains

In each of the five LEADS domains, there are 4 capabilities:

Lead Self

Self-motivated leaders…

Are self aware

They are aware of their own assumptions, values, principles, strengths, and limitations.

Manage themselves

They take responsibility for their own performance and health.

Develop themselves

They actively seek opportunities and challenges for personal learning, character building, and growth.

Demonstrate character

They model qualities such as honesty, integrity, resilience, and confidence.