Board of Directors

The College’s Board of Directors is comprised of respected senior health leaders with diverse backgrounds and from across the continuum of care. All volunteer their time to help guide the College’s staff by setting policy and making pivotal decisions. Their dedication has helped to make the College the professional association of choice for Canada’s health leaders.

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Brenda Rebman, CHE

Chair and Executive Committee Chair

Major-General Marc Bilodeau, FCCHL

Vice-Chair (Interim); Canadian Armed Forces Director; Chair, Audit and Finance Committee; Chair, Board Nominating Committee

Jennifer Sheils


R. Lynn Stevenson, FCCHL


Jennifer Proulx, CHE

Director; Chair, National Awards Advisory Committee


Marianne Walker, CHE


John Borody, FCCHL

Director; Chair, Fellows Council, Professional Standards Council

Victoria Bresson, CHE

Director; Chair, Governance Committee

François Drolet


Andrea D’Addario, CHE

Director, Chair, Ethics Council

Raj Malik, CHE

Corporate Director; Chair, Corporate Advisory Council

Jaime Cleroux

Executive Vice President (Ex-Officio)

Alain Doucet, MBA

President & CEO (Ex-Officio)