Fellowship Program CHE Track

CHE Track Eligibility

  • Basic criteria
  • 3 Health Leadership Specialties
  • 2 CCHL contributions

CHE Track: Health Leadership Specialties (HLS)

Fellowship Select Program candidates following the CHE Track are required to complete three (3) Health Leadership Specialties, at their own cost, prior to applying to the Fellowship Select Program. To complete a Health Leadership Specialty, individuals will be required to complete formal learning on the specialty followed by practical application of learning and demonstrated impact.

Health Leadership Specialties (HLS) Overview (PDF)

CHE Track: CCHL Contributions

The requirement for CCHL contributions promotes and encourages the participation of individuals with their CHE credential in CCHL activities and events. To meet the eligibility criteria for two CCHL contributions, CHE Track applicants are required to have participated in a minimum of two CCHL activities and/or events.

CCHL Contribution Overview
CCHL Contribution Form

Credential Requirements

Upon acceptance into the Fellowship Select Program, candidates are required to complete the following components: