A glimpse of difference maker Nancy Roberts’ career in healthcare

April 6, 2021

Now retired, Nancy Roberts, CHE, has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a pharmacist as well as a healthcare administrator. Her strong interest in the sciences led her to pursue a career in pharmacy. Nancy was the Regional Director of Pharmacy Services at the Moncton Hospital for a total of 9 years. During that time, she had the amazing opportunity to work with fellow colleagues and researchers, and together, they developed a research project on seamless pharmacy care (that is now a national standard called medication reconciliation). This process ensures that healthcare providers obtain the most accurate medication history for each of their patients. 

As her career as a pharmacist evolved, she saw the opportunity for quality and process improvement within the system. She felt the need to make a career switch which led her to obtaining her diploma in Health Services Administration at the University of Montreal. She went on to hold the positions of Vice President of Planning and Professional Services for the South-East Regional Health Authority in Moncton, and Vice President of Planning and Performance Excellence with the Horizon Health Network in New Brunswick.

If Nancy had to give one piece of advice to aspiring young leaders regardless of their field of studies, it would be to get involved with your associated professional community. “I would recommend becoming an active member of an organization like the College”. Nancy is a past President of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and has been a member for over 30 years. In 2011, she began her 8-year service to the New Brunswick Chapter of the Canadian College of Healthcare Leaders as Chapter Chair. Being involved at the local and national level of these organizations has enabled her to meet incredible mentors and leaders. Currently, Nancy serves on the CCHL National Board of Directors. Nancy has been an active member of committees including serving as the Ethics Committee Chair. 

Not only has Nancy promoted the value of membership to executives within New Brunswick, but she eagerly encouraged middle managers to get involved, recognizing the value of supporting future leaders and the role CCHL could play in their development through education, networking and mentorship.

One of Nancy’s favourite quotes is “The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” She came across this citation when doing research into the best practices in self-development, management and leading teams. She mentioned how fortunate she feels to have worked with such outstanding colleagues, coaches, and mentors who helped her evolve throughout her career. “No job is absolutely perfect; however, it is the passion and what you bring to it that can make it amazing” she says. 

Nancy, a proud member of the NB Chapter and an outstanding promoter for the College and its members, was awarded the CCHL Chapter Award for Distinguished Service for the New Brunswick Chapter in 2020.