CCHL and Osler Collaborate in a Co-Designed Multi-Year Comprehensive Leadership Integration Strategy

June 21, 2023

The Canadian College of Health Leaders is proud to announce that its partnership with Osler (the William Osler Health System) is forging ahead with deeper organization-wide leadership integration. Osler has made a significant investment in developing leadership and leaders at all levels across their system and together with the CCHL Professional Leadership Development team, we have co-designed a multi-year comprehensive integration strategy. Earlier this year, the program began with the Achieving Strategic Priorities with LEADS (ASPL) program, which involves engaging the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in discussion regarding their current strategic priorities and designing the foundation for a leadership strategy to achieve those priorities. In addition to earning executive support for the larger program, this foundation provides the priority lens for the program’s next steps.

Step two begins on June 22, 2023 with the Leadership and LEADS in the Current Age webinar delivered by CCHL’s Director of Research and Leadership Development, Dr. Jaason Geerts. All Osler positional leaders at every level are invited (more than 300) in an interactive session designed to achieve four goals: 1) To present a synthesis of the views of Osler’s leaders regarding their leadership context, challenges, opportunities, and developmental needs, which are gathered through an online survey ahead of time, 2) to share CCHL’s cutting-edge ongoing academic and rapid research findings regarding leadership and leadership development, 3) to describe the LEADS Framework, which will be the common language used to facilitate the leadership integration, and the integration program. This is a vital communications initiative with those who will be actioning and championing the integration, and 4) for Osler leaders to apply their learning to their work through an Action Learning Activity (ALA), which provides non-onerous tasks based on the key principles described in the webinar for them to action in their professional roles.

This summer, the CCHL PLD team and Osler representatives will be collaborating to produce a Leadership Integration Blueprint, a graphic which demonstrates how all human resources (HR) and organizational development (OD) and training functions are linked to each other, to the LEADS framework, and to the Osler strategic plan. We will also be creating a customized set of behavioural descriptors for each of the LEADS Framework capabilities, with EDI prioritized, specifically for Osler leaders.

There are many more components to the Osler leadership integration program to come, including building internal sustainability, developing and supporting physician leaders, and providing training and support for non-positional leaders at all levels.

The future is bright for healthcare leadership at Osler!

For more information on this partnership, contact Jaason Geerts at