Celebrating 3M Canada Company’s 25-year anniversary with CCHL

June 10, 2021

Representing 3M Canada Company is Drew McCallum, the Business Director for 3M Canada’s Medical Solutions division. This year marks the 25th anniversary of 3M Canada’s association with the College. Drew has taken time to talk with us about his professional development as well as the significance of 3M’s long-term engagement with CCHL. 

Drew McCallum has led Healthcare businesses in Canada for six years. Drew oversaw 3M’s Oral Care Business in Canada before joining the Medical Solutions Division in 2018. He now has more than 18 years of leadership experience in marketing, sales, and supply chain management in a variety of industries, including healthcare, industrial and safety markets, and electrical. “During my career, I have had the privilege of working with outstanding teams who are passionate about improving the lives of Canadians; whether it was through 3M’s Personal Safety Division ensuring workers went to and arrived home from work safely, or in our Health Care Business supporting clinicians in transforming patient outcomes.”

Mr. McCallum was drawn to a profession in healthcare because of the opportunity it provides to improve the lives of Canadians. Throughout his career, he has worked to establish an environment in which his colleagues and he feel a genuine sense of purpose in coming to work every day. “Healthcare is an industry that, more than others, provides an opportunity to have that real and lasting impact.”

He considers himself lucky to have led multiple mergers over his career and to have witnessed personally what can be accomplished when two industry leaders join forces. KCI was acquired by 3M in 2019, making it the company’s largest acquisition ever. It was a purchase that allowed 3M to fully integrate two industry leaders by bringing together bright people, innovative technologies, and leading education and clinical platforms. 3M is now one of the world’s largest medical technology firms. They are better positioned to improve the lives of Canadians by transforming results through patient-centered science.

He believes 3M’s partnership with the College on many activities including 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards program, provides them with the privilege of recognizing excellence in health system improvement and innovation and aligns with 3M’s goal of transforming outcomes for Canadian patients. “Working with the College has also provided us with the opportunity to connect with and learn from Canadian leaders who are shaping the future of healthcare” he says. 3M Canada has sponsored the NHLC Conference and hosted HPRS sessions multiple times throughout their 25 years as a corporate member of the College, was awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding Corporate Membership in 2004 and 2017 and has served on various College committees.

Drew encourages new CCHL members to get involved and take advantage of the excellent networking events, educational content, and the programs delivered by the College. Today more than ever, this industry needs leaders who can accelerate change and adapt to the rapidly evolving world of healthcare. “We all play a role in shaping and supporting this evolution and organizations like the College provide an important avenue for us to collaborate on our mutual goal of creating better patient outcomes and improving the lives of all Canadians.”