Fit for Purpose: Response from the Canadian College of Health Leaders

April 4, 2018

Fit for Purpose: Findings and Recommendations of the External Review of the Pan-Canadian Health Organizations – Summary Report

Response from the Canadian College of Health Leaders

Bringing together over 3,000 Canadian health leaders from every discipline, region, career stage and sector, the Canadian College of Health Leaders (the College) creates extraordinary opportunities for members to connect, learn and inspire their leadership. Working within the College, LEADS Canada partners with organizations to develop high impact leadership programs customized to context and based in the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework (LEADS). LEADS presents a common understanding of what good leadership looks like, across all levels of service provision in healthcare.

Commendations for Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose (“the Report”) reviewed eight Pan-Canadian Health Organizations (PCHOs) making recommendations on the future state of federally funded health organizations. The overarching vision of bringing Canadian healthcare into the 21st century was associated with a slate of recommendations. These recommendations essentially suggested a transformation of the status quo—and included the phasing out of three of the organizations. Read a summary of the Report written by André Picard for the Globe and Mail.

The College commends Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor for demonstrating leadership by commissioning the external review of the PCHOs.

Further, the College congratulates the authors, Drs Danielle Martin and Pierre-Gerlier Forest for their thorough review, reflection and timely recommendations contained in the review. Their leadership in the evolution of the Canadian health system is evident within the report and respectively within each of their careers.