Reverse HPRS – A New Way For Industry Partners and Healthcare Leaders to Work Together on Today’s Key Issues

January 6, 2020

The first Reverse HPRS™ was held in Toronto on December 5-6, 2019.

The Reverse HPRS format presents a new option for participants in the Health Professionals Roundtable for Strategy (HPRS™), a program of the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Since 1989, HPRS has served as a unique, multi-stakeholder “think-tank” that brings senior health leaders together with industry executives to discuss healthcare’s most important issues and trends.

In the traditional HPRS format, corporate members of CCHL present emerging technologies, concepts and strategies to a panel of health leaders, who provide feedback on how these developments can best serve Canadian healthcare.

In the new Reverse HPRS format, health leaders are the presenters, covering a top-priority healthcare issue from multiple perspectives, while a panel of corporate members offers insights and ideas that can help solve problems and accelerate improvements.

The new format is designed to foster dialogue among diverse public, private and non-profit stakeholders, and to promote a shared understanding of healthcare challenges and opportunities. It’s an important part of the College’s ongoing effort to improve and expand the HPRS program as Canada’s one-of-a-kind venue for critical cross-sector discussions.

Our first Reverse HPRS was designed to test this new format. The topic – the formation of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) – was chosen as a high-profile and timely subject for the Ontario-based participants.

Presentations were delivered by four highly experienced senior health leaders, all with extensive involvement in the evolution of Ontario Health Teams. These were followed by intensive discussion focused on the issues OHTs must confront – everything from system integration, IT support and culture change to value-based funding, risk sharing and new models of governance.

Feedback from participants was positive and focused on the value of mutual learning: Corporate partners have knowledge and resources that can support and accelerate healthcare reforms, while health leaders have information and insights that can help industry innovate and refine solutions.

The need and the potential for HPRS to facilitate essential dialogue among healthcare partners is clear. CCHL will be working closely with health leaders and corporate members to determine next steps for the Reverse HPRS concept. Contact Jaime M. Cléroux for more information.