Taylor Martin discusses the importance of leadership and adapting to today’s challenges

March 8, 2021

Meet Taylor Martin, CHE: He is a professional engineer by training but decided to pursue leadership within healthcare in part for the opportunity to work with passionate people. “Service is a core value for me and a career in healthcare lets me live my values.” As a non-clinician, he believes that he can bring complementary perspectives to support his colleagues to make positive change. Although the current pandemic has demonstrated a gap between public health and the healthcare system, he believes that the integration of public health approaches and health systems management is key to addressing 21st century challenges. He is in fact really looking forward to supporting this transformation.

“The value of CCHL hit home for me this year as my day job transformed into leading staff redeployment efforts in response to COVID-19.” He recognized the potential for collective learning as systems across Canada pivoted operations. This led him to co-founding the College’s Pan-Canadian Redeployment Community of Practice which engaged 80+ leaders to spread emerging practices.

Taylor holds a Master of Health Administration. Not only is he the Manager of the Nursing Resource Team and New Nursing Initiatives at Michael Garron Hospital, but he also serves as President of the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Alumni Association at the University of Toronto, where he continues to teach in Health policy as an Adjunct Lecturer. He has had the opportunity to work at the provincial level, in acute care and in partnership-based models in the community. Some of his recent work includes workforce planning and development at the organization and regional scale.

In his current role, Taylor has the opportunity to apply his analytic improvement skillset while stretching himself leading a clinical team. “As our sector grapples with systemic racism, I am increasingly interested in the intersection of workforce planning with the devalued, precarious work of racialized healthcare workers and how to make meaningful change in this area” he says. Taylor’s dedication to his work continues to shine through each new opportunity and challenge that he takes on which has earned him the Chapter Award for Distinguished Service for the GTA in 2020.

He joined the College as a student which quickly opened the door to a leadership journey that continues today. He began as a student representative on the GTA Chapter Executive and eventually progressed to Chapter Chair (2017-2019) where he demonstrated outstanding leadership skills. “Serving as chair opened my eyes to the vast work of the National office and the diverse Chapters across the country.” One of his favourite experiences with the College includes the yearly National Health Leadership Conference. He enjoys meeting new people and loves making connections for others.

His involvement in the College at the Chapter level has supported his development through education, mentorship, as well as networking. This has also allowed him to meet likeminded individuals with a wealth of experience from all sectors of healthcare.