The Future of Healthcare – Daniel Ayotte, CHE, Discusses the Importance of Professional Development

September 11, 2019

The world is evolving at a pace that has never been seen before. To keep up, individuals and health leaders need to adapt and evolve themselves. Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Ayotte, CHE, Canadian College of Health Leaders member since 2006, understands this concept and the importance of professional development very well.

However, unfortunately for him, there were limited professional and personal development opportunities for health leaders in Quebec, the province he resides in. As a difference maker, Daniel discovered that he could change this by getting involved in the College’s Quebec chapter, where he currently is co-Chair. Through his local chapter he strives to offer the professional development opportunities that Quebec health leaders struggle to get. His work and contributions to his chapter has earned him the CCHL Chapter Award for Distinguished Service in 2019.

Daniel began his career when he joined the Canadian Forces in 1988. His plan was originally to join the army to have his studies paid for, but he quickly developed a passion for healthcare management after realizing that his actions had a meaningful impact on the health system. Throughout his career he has been the commander of two medical units, the “17 & 16 Ambulances de Campagnes”. After completing his master’s in health administration, he became the commander of the “41 Centre des Services de Santé” in Saint-Jean sur Richelieu.

As a health leader, one of his biggest accomplishments was managing a military installation in Erbil in the north of Iraq in 2008. This installation was responsible for providing intermediate and emergency care to approximately 15 nations involved in the Inherent Resolve Operation.

“The generation we live in is evolving rapidly. In such a small period of time, we have witnessed more technological and sociological changes than humanity has ever known. The biggest challenge health leaders face is adapting their leadership style to face these changes and improve the health system” Daniel Ayotte, CHE. Through the College’s annual NHLC conference, Daniel is able to learn about these changes, improve his health leadership knowledge, and connect with other health leaders going through a similar situation.