Top Three Issues Facing Canadian Health Leaders: 2018 CCHL Joint Retreat Environmental Scan

December 10, 2018

The Canadian College of Health Leaders has released its report on the Environmental Scan of their 2018 Joint Retreat, which identifies the top three issues facing Canadian Health Leaders.

In conjunction with the annual National Health Leaders Conference, the joint retreat is held with the Canadian College of Health Leaders’ Board of Directors, Chapter Chairs and staff. The primary goal of the joint retreat is to provide an opportunity for dialogue and collaboratively identify health leadership priorities for the upcoming year.

At the 2018 Joint Retreat, a portion of the day was used to analyze the current state of the health leadership environment and identify the top pressing issues facing the Canadian health system. This was followed by a rapid-fire session in which participants generated ideas, suggestions and advice to address the issues. The solutions were framed using the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework (LEADS).

It is anticipated that the report’s proposed health leadership action items will support the decision making of health leaders in Canada as they strive to diminish the pressure felt through the top three issues. The list of action items will also be used to inspire and shape the actions of the CCHL Board of Directors, Chapters Chairs and staff for the upcoming year.