An Executive Leadership Program

The Achieving Strategic Priorities with LEADS (ASPL) program engages with the executive team to recalibrate and to clarify the most effective leadership capabilities required to advance key organization priorities.  This online program familiarizes the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)/Executive Leadership Team (ELT) with the LEADS framework, facilitates discussion among the SLT /ELT regarding leadership implications and priorities for the organization moving forward, and explores potential leadership development programming options to achieve these priorities. This process generates the building blocks for the organization’s leadership strategy that is aligned with the strategic plan and current organizational priorities.

To maximize the impact of organizational leadership development, the first step in the process is engaging the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)/Executive Leadership Team (ELT). Their support is invaluable and without it, full engagement and alignment is not possible.

To launch an organization’s leadership development and integration program, the Achieving Strategic Priorities with LEADS Program serves three functions:

  1. To familiarize the SLT/ELT with the LEADS framework and the language that will be integrating across the organization.
  2. To describe the LEADS program and its various components (i.e., components of the program and how they are interconnected).
  3. To gather the SLT/ELT’s feedback on strengths, gaps, and priorities for the organization moving forward.

The latter point is crucial to success, since it functions as a group coaching/facilitation session and enhances the alignment among members of the SLT/ELT.  The essence of the information collected during this session is the lens through which CCHL Professional and Leadership Development faculty approach all subsequent programming.

Knowing that their input defines the focus of programming augments the engagement and buy-in of the SLT/ELT, as well as the support they offer along the leadership integration journey.  Starting by engaging the SLT/ELT contributes to a “cascade effect” that permeates throughout the organization; members of the SLT/ELT are better able to mentor and support others in their leadership journey if they themselves are familiar with the language and plan.

The organization will receive a brief report prepared by the facilitator that summarizes the feedback gathered from the participants during the session.

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