Who We Are

The CCHL Professional and Leadership Development Team, formerly known as LEADS Canada, was established in 2012 and partnered with health organizations, health authorities, professional associations, universities, and municipal and provincial governments to provide and co-create leadership development programs based on the LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) capability framework. The work begun by LEADS Canada continues with the CCHL PLD team, who continue to co-create and deliver cutting edge LEADS-based leadership development services across Canada.


In 2006, the Health Care Leaders Association of BC, in collaboration with major health employers and post-secondary institutions began developing a learning process that would enhance the overall quality and quantity of health leaders in BC.

The result was the creation of the Leaders for Life Initiative. A starting point for Leaders for Life was the formulation of the original LEADS Health Leadership Capabilities Framework to define the leadership qualities needed for the health sector in BC. A research team from Royal Roads University’s Centre for Health Leadership Research undertook this work. Subsequently, Leaders for Life worked with health organizations across Canada to adapt the LEADS framework to reflect national perspectives and aspirations. The result is the LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework.

On July 1, 2012, the Leaders for Life initiative was transferred from the Health Care Leaders’ Association of BC to the Canadian College of Health Leaders. Revamped LEADS programming and additional LEADS workshops, products and services developed by the College are available to support the LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework.

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