CHE Completion Requirements

1. LEADS 360 Assessment with a 90-minute debriefing by a certified LEADS Coach

The LEADS 360 provides leadership feedback from several perspectives and provides participants insight into how their leadership is interpreted by others.

Research shows that the debriefing of 360’s by an executive coach, linking this to action learning and supporting participants in their learning increases leadership effectiveness. The outcome of the LEADS 360 debriefing is the initiation of a personal Leadership Development Plan. 

The CHE Program team  will support your participation in the LEADS 360 Assessment, and connect you with the LEADS Coach when your report is ready for debriefing.

2. Leadership Development Plan

A leadership development plan is a strategic tool for development that includes a personal leadership vision as well as career goals and leadership development plans. It allows participants to commit to specific action steps.

Following your LEADS 360 debriefing, you will complete your leadership development plan, following the standardized template.  Your LEADS Coach will provide you feedback on your plan prior to its’ submission to the CHE Program.

3. LEADS Learning Series or equivalent

Completion of a LEADS Learning Series, or equivalent, provides the groundwork of leader skill learning. It also provides the opportunity for increased awareness of LEADS throughout organizations and community partners, contributing to the shifting of leadership conversations culture throughout the health system.

You will submit evidence of completion of this requirement through the CHE database.  There are multiple options to obtain the equivalent of the LEADS Learning Series

4. LEADS in Action project

Learning through action is one of the most effective ways to embed learning in practice. This requirement fosters both individual and organizational growth. The action project enhances the capacity of leaders to lead sustainable health system change.

Ideally, the action project will be linked to the strategic plan and/or priorities of the your employer, further linking the role of leadership development in the achievement of the organization’s strategic priorities.

When you have completed the Leadership Development Plan and LEADS Learning requirements, you will be provided with information to guide you through the LEADS in Action project.

CHE Evaluation Process

Upon completion of all four requirements, you will submit a LEADS-aligned self-evaluation and your Leadership Development Plan for review by a panel of three CHE Evaluators.

The CHE Evaluators will determine your eligibility for the CHE credential.

If you are successful, prior to being able to use the credential, you will be required to complete a CHE Program Evaluation.

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