Health Professionals’ Roundtable for Strategy (HPRS) Panelist Details

Agreements, Policies, and Details

Transparency Agreement

HPRSTM Program Objectives
The major objectives of the HPRSTM Program are to:

  • Create professional development panels for sharing ideas/solutions for addressing health system challenges
  • Provide value for the corporate sponsors’ HPRSTM investment;
  • Develop leadership capacity through knowledge transfer and networking.

To achieve these objectives, CCHL provides Corporate Sponsor(s) with HPRSTM panels. Each panel generally consists of ten or more of Canada’s most prominent health care leaders drawn from Canadian health care organizations and services. These health care leaders bring a wealth of experience in health service leadership.

HPRSTM panel meetings provide health care leaders a platform to express their views and opinions based on personal experiences in the health sector. As a result, Corporate Sponsor(s) benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of key health care leaders whose opinions and suggestions might help improve the Corporate Sponsor’s operations, products, services and strategies.

HPRSTM Policies and Guidelines
It is understood and agreed that the CCHL HPRSTM program is delivered under a policy framework which are abided to by both the panel member and the Corporate Sponsor(s). These policies are attached to this agreement for reference.

Panel Confidentiality
HPRSTM panel members are bound to non-disclosure of confidential business information. In addition, participating HPRSTM panel members are requested to destroy any written documentation of a confidential nature at the direction of the Corporate Sponsor(s). For greater assurance, the HPRSTM Corporate Sponsor(s) may ask each of its panel members to hand back any client confidential information at the end of the meeting.

Panelist Transparency

All panel members, in addition to adhering to CCHL’s Ethical Code of Conduct, are required to abide by guidelines related to conflict of interest and confidentiality with respect to their involvement in the HPRSTM program. Participation in this HPRSTM event requires that they accept and endorse the following conditions:

The HPRSTM Panelist shall not:

  1. Accept gifts, personal commissions or rebates or any other practice which might imply an obligation;
  2. Solicit contributions for their organization on the promise of granting special business favours or on the threat of withholding future purchases;
  3. Permit commercial exploitation of their position;
  4. Use information gained via HPRSTM involvement in such a way as to disadvantage a corporate sponsor
    or benefit a competitor; and
  5. Behave or act in a manner that compromises the reputation of CCHL, its members, or the HPRSTM program.

The HPRSTM panelist warrants and represents that he or she has the full right and authority to enter into this Agreement and participate in this HPRSTM event.

Participation does not violate its obligations toward his or her organization or other third party. He or she is not aware of any impediment that would inhibit its ability to perform his/her obligations under this Agreement. He or she has followed the internal approval processes of his/her organization with respect to his/her participation in this HPRSTM Event. He or she shall remain open and transparent about certain of his or her travel costs being reimbursed through funds provided by Corporate Sponsor(s).

Corporate Transparency

CCHL and the Corporate Sponsor(s) have the following agreement in place:

  1. The Corporate Sponsor(s) provide CCHL with funds to support the HPRSTM program including an administrative fee. These funds are used to reimburse the panelists attendance costs including hotel expenses, meals and travel. The panelists submit all requests for reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses to the College in accordance with HPRSTM policies and CCHL’s reimburses these expenses.
  2. CCHL and the Corporate Sponsor(s), acknowledge and agree that the purpose of the HPRSTM Event is to discuss ways to enhance patient care and to improve the health system in Canada. As a result, Corporate Sponsor(s) benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of key health care leaders whose opinions and suggestions might help improve the Corporate Sponsor’s operations, products, services and strategies.
  3. The HPRSTM Corporate Sponsor(s) is not permitted to foster the sale of its products and/or services through use of any panel review or the name of CCHL in promotions as a medium for industry.
  4. Participating Corporate Sponsor(s) representatives must undertake not to quote or identify an individual’s opinion or other information as might have been offered by an HPRSTM panel member during any HPRSTM panel meeting, or to print in any publication of such individual’s opinion or information. Any decision or action taken by the Corporate Sponsor as a result of such opinions or information, and any consequences thereof, is and remains the sole responsibility of the Corporate Sponsor. Corporate Sponsor(s) and their representatives will not, at any time or in any way, place an HPRSTM panelist in a position of potential conflict of interest. Corporate Sponsor(s) are granted permission to record and transcribe the proceedings of their respective panel meetings, provided the above stipulations are understood and agreed to, and the transcribed proceedings are handled in a confidential manner.
  5. CCHL and the Corporate Sponsor(s) acknowledge and agree that the funds (a) shall not be used for the purpose of promoting any product; (b) shall be used in a manner that is consistent with applicable HPRSTM policies and guidelines; (c) are intended only for the express purposes stated herein, namely, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care and an improved health system; (d) are not provided by the Corporate Sponsor(s) to CCHL to induce, influence or reward the past, present or future prescribing, supply, purchasing or recommending of any company product (including formulary recommendations); (e) are not intended for personal benefit or use; and (f) are not intended to lead to any lack of independence of the panellist or the organizations they are employed within.
  6. The agreement between CCHL and the Corporate Sponsor(s) is governed by and construed for all purposes in accordance with CCHL’s Ethical Code of Conduct and HPRSTM Policies and Guidelines Framework.

Guest Policy

“Guest” signifies significant others/partners only

If you choose to bring a “guest” (significant other or spouse) to the HPRS event, CCHL’s policy is that the guest expenses (including travel, accommodation, hotel guest services and meals) are at your personal expense. Guests are welcomed but they are not permitted to attend any HPRS related activities. This includes the opening reception, the sessions, meals, and the corporate dinners. If you choose to bring children to the HPRS event, please recognize that CCHL is not responsible for organizing social activities, accommodations, meals or incidental expenses for children and these will be the responsibility of the individual.


CCHL will reimburse your expenses related to your involvement on this HPRS panel. This will include economy airfare, accommodation, and meal costs not provided on the days of the HPRS events. A CCHL expense reimbursement form will be provided to you. We ask that you submit all original receipts of your expenses within 15 days of the event for reimbursement.


Please note that you are responsible for arranging your own economy travel to attend the HPRS event. To keep airfare costs at a minimum, every attempt should be taken to secure the lowest possible. CCHL cannot reimburse for Latitude & Executive Class Travel. Please book your travel as soon as possible in order to take advantage of lower airfares.


CCHL will cover accommodations for the HPRS sessions. Should you wish to extend your stay, the additional nights will be at your expense. CCHL will arrange for your hotel accommodations, including any additional nights you request. A credit card will be required on check-in for incidentals, and/or any additional nights.


Participation at the HPRS session corporate sponsored dinners are an integral part of the event. Cost of meals on travel days to and from this HPRS event will be reimbursed. Meals will be reimbursed to a daily maximum of $96 per day (including taxes): $21 for breakfast, $22 for lunch and $53 for dinner (receipts required). Where the College or the event sponsors a meal, no meal expense may be claimed.


We suggest casual but smart attire for the HPRS session and dinner.


For more details on the HPRS sessions and guidelines, please click the link below.

For more information

For more information about the HPRS Program, contact Jaime M. Cleroux, Executive Vice-President