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Reignite the Strategic Plan – how to set up your strategic plan for success!

** Event format updated**

October 31, 2023 @ 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT / HAE

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Event Details:

Location: Online Event

You asked and we have listened!

Many of us are subjected to follow these cumbersome strategic plans that may not make sense to us, or our teams. Learn from an expert in Culture and Change management on how we can make strategic plans that are actionable, understandable, and able to adjust to the unpredictability of our current healthcare landscape.

The focus and key learning objectives of each of the Sessions are outlined below:


Strategic Planning Fundamentals Leaders will walk away with and understanding of:
1. Why we do strategic planning
2. What are the elements of a successful strategic plan
3. How do we foster buy-in and ownership of the strategic plan – regardless of our level in the organization
4. What is our role as leaders during the execution of the strategic plan
5. A palatable template to link your role with the broader strategic plan (can be used with your team)

Note for all participants - This session follows a webinar on the topic of strategic planning which can be found here. Reignite the Strategic Plan – how to set up your strategic plan for success! (cchl-ccls.ca)

This in-depth in-person workshop on strategic planning with 3 facilitators based on your level of Leadership – Executive + Senior Leadership, Management, Emerging Leader or first exposure to strategic planning. In this workshop you will be given the tools for an actionable strategic plan, how to make it come alive for your team members and your organization as a whole. Members are invited to bring their strategic plans with them, and workbooks will be provided.

Featured Speakers:

Michael O'Brien

Since 1985, Michael’s diverse background in finance, economics and human behavior has organizations around the world seeking his ability to bring the seemingly intangible aspects of organizational culture and performance to light. His consulting expertise has enabled hundreds of organizations to achieve their goals through transforming their culture. He has one-on-one coached over 4,000 senior executives on six continents on how to improve their leadership to drive those culture transformations.

Michael has worked with an extensive and diverse group of clients. These client’s successes include a $3 Billion dollar increase in production in a single manufacturing facility, a successful merger of petrochemical companies, achieving the best place to work in a regional hospital, increased engagement in a professional sports franchise, and increasing the graduation rate from 30% to 115% of national average in a secondary school.

One of Michael’s biggest joys is sharing his experience with fellow consultants and developing lifelong collaborations. He has had the pleasure of working with thousands of internal and independent consultants across the globe. Michael is the co-creator of The BluePrint Toolset® — a suite of products used in the measurement and development of organizational cultures, leaders, teams, and individuals. He also co-authored “ThinkBanking & Corporate Webbing — 50 Secrets to Success in the Digital Age.”

Michael is married with three adult children. He was raised in Canada and now resides in Houston, Texas with his wife Angela and their dog Luna.

For more information, go to www.theblueprinttoolset.com


Ali El-Ayoubi

Ali joins the BluePrint team after a diverse career, exemplifying her agility, adaptability and creativity. Starting as a Registered Nurse at the bedside, and working through various roles in both the public and the private healthcare sector, Ali endeavoured to find a way to bring joy and engagement to her peers.

After completing an MBA in 2018, Ali worked as a consultant and coach with a boutique consultancy that leveraged the BluePrint toolset to drive changes in Leadership, Culture, and Team engagement. In 2022, Ali became part of The BluePrint Toolset ownership group, and was honoured to be appointed President and CEO as the organization undertook several opperational changes including automation, and a new strategic direction.

Building joy in work and communities is not just a career for Ali, but also a passion. Actively involved in several community organizations, Ali is dedicated to improving the lives of all. With a focus on developing leadership skills for young women, and other groups who have been historically disenfranchised, Ali meets people and teams where they are and helps create a roadmap to success.

Often found working remotely wherever there is a body of water, Ali enjoys golfing, playing board games, and baking with her young family.


Charmin Rockwell

Charmin Rockwell is the Director of Operations and Customer Relations for the BluePrint Toolset®. Charmin specializes in helping clients get results in their lives personally and professionally by utilizing the proven strategies, education, tools developed by The BluePrint Toolset® combined with her years of being a business owner. Charmin’s work focuses on making positive workplaces through career planning in the workplace, executive coaching and creating high performance work cultures. She is great at helping people and organizations – helping them shift from a “have to” workplace to a “want to” workplace.

Charmin is an experienced business owner, career development professional, performance consultant and professional speaker. Charmin has a passion for helping individuals create success in their lives, first developed with her Career Counselling company. Over the last 15 years Charmin has assisted individuals and organizations in achieving their personal and professional goals through career counselling, facilitating, and performance management consulting.


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