Fellowship Certification

Fellowship is the highest professional designation awarded by the College and is designed for experienced leaders who have gained a wide breadth of knowledge and experience at various leadership levels in the Canadian health system over their career.

The Fellowship designation recognizes members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, who have had an impact on the Canadian health system through their leadership and engagement, and who are motivated to continue to influence future leaders through their involvement in the Fellows Program and CCHL.

The Fellowship Select Program includes three distinct pathways to be eligible to apply for the program. Once accepted, there are three tracks for program completion to earn the designation with each track focusing on impact, reflection, and knowledge translation.

Completion of the Fellowship Select Program represents a significant milestone in a health leader’s career. We encourage you to consider embarking on the road to Fellowship. It is a major undertaking that requires effort and perseverance, will stimulate your professional development, and contribute to health system improvement through knowledge translation and CCHL community influence.