OLDC Renewal Requirements

Certification renewal opportunities are provided twice per year. OLDC’s are required to participate in one of the renewal sessions during the year of their certification expiry. The fee to renew is $900 for another three year certification term.

“Live” participation is mandatory at the two-hour renewal webinar and is an opportunity for participants to be provided with:

  • Updates on new LEADS 360 versions, on the Learning and Development Plan (LDP), and on any new LEADS Coaching resources or tools, when applicable;
  • Instructions on how to access tools and templates for LEADS Coaches, as well as how to access  the LEADS Community for Practice (which includes access to discussion forums, research and resources);
  • An opportunity to share feedback on continuous improvement ideas;
  • An opportunity to connect and network with other LEADS 360 debrief coaches; and
  • A mutually supportive environment to openly reflect upon and share your experience as an Organizational LEADS Debrief Coach, alongside other certified LEADS Coaches

NOTE: If a certification has been expired for more than one year, a candidate is no longer eligible to attend the renewal webinar and must again pay for and complete the certification program in full.

Upcoming OLDC Certification Webinars

December 4, 2023

June 2024

All sessions are scheduled for 1-3 p.m. ET.

For further information

Please contact Tracy Wightman, Director, Professional & Leadership Development Programs.