Eligibility & Requirements

Organizational LEADS Debrief Coach (OLDC) Certification Eligibility

Potential applicants who do not meet the criteria above are welcome to submit a summary of combined skills/work experience for consideration and assessment as to whether they have a comparable foundation.

OLDC Certification Requirements and program steps

Once eligibility requirements are met, applications may be submitted online and once approved, the steps for self-paced completion of the program include:

  • Review the LEADS 360 Debrief Principles and Tools Summary presentation
  • Complete the online LEADS 360 Debrief learning attestation activity form

This self-directed program can be completed at the candidates’ pace, for up to 6 months. Successful candidates are provided with a certificate of completion and access to OLDC tools and resources located within the Organizational LEADS Debrief Coach section of the LEADS Coach Resource Hub and LEADS Community for Practice.

Certification and licensing is for a 3 year term, after which all certified OLDC’s are required to participate in the renewal process in order to extend certification for another term.

For further information

Please contact Tracy Wightman, Director, Professional & Leadership Development Programs.